Cycling in the Region around Salzburg

Cycling around Salzburg

Salzburg is a paradise for cyclist, mountain bikers and hobby enthusiasts. The villages around Salzburg offer ideal starting points for short excursions, as well as extensive tours of the Mozart City and the beautiful Salzburg countryside.

Here is a small selection:

The Mozart Bike Trail

Named for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, this trail winds through the Salzburg countryside, the Salzkammergut Lake District and the Chiemgau region.

Trail length: 390 kilometers. A detour to the Mozart-Village of St. Gilgen makes the trail length 445 kilometers. There are also auxiliary trail connections between St. Lorenz and Köstendorf, between Laufen and Kössen, and between Bad Reichenhall and Salzburg.

Altitude difference: ca. 1,800 meters. The detour to the Mozart-Village of St. Gilgen makes for a total altitude change of ca. 2,750 meters.

Starting/End point: Salzburg, Traunstein or Rosenheim are easily reachable, making them the ideal place to start. However, cyclists can begin the tour at any point they chose.

The Salzkammergut Lake District Bike Trail

The trail starts and ends in the Mozart City of Salzburg, runs through the surrounding villages and continues on into the beautiful Lake District.

The Salzkammergut Bike Trail is 345 kilometers long. The altitude change totals 1,850 meters. The trail is marked with signs in both directions.

It is designated as R 2 (in Upper Austria), R 19 with the words "Salzkammergut Radweg" (in Styria), and with green signs and the words "Salzkammergut Radweg" (in Salzburg).

The Tauern Bike Trail

The Tauern Bike Trail runs along the Salzach and Saalach Rivers and offers riders over 100 natural attractions and excursions, comfortable hotels and inviting inns.

Along the Salzach and Saalach Rivers:

One of the most appealing cycle tour routes in all of Austria begins at the spot where the Krimmler Waterfall - the highest in Middle Europe – roars down deep into the gorge.

Length: A round-trip via the Tauern Bike Trail is 270 kilometers. The distance from Krimml to Passau is 310 kilometers.

Appropriate for touring and trekking bicycles.

Alpine detours are possible with mountain bikes.

Finish: Lofer

  • Length: 270 km or 310 km.
  • Suitable for touring bikes and trekking bikes.
  • It"s possible to take alpine side trips with a mountainbike.

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