Hiking in and around Salzburg

Pure hiking enjoyment in and around the Mozart City!

It is not just the art and cultural treasures in and around Salzburg that make area so appealing. In fact, 85% of all summer guests cite hiking as their primary reason for visiting. The surrounding villages are ideal starting points for incredible hiking.

Here is a small selection:

Hiking on the Untersberg Mountain

The Untersberg Mountain is particularly attractive during the summer months for those seeking a little exploration.

The Untersberg cable car in St. Leonhard near Grödig ascends to the Geiereck Station at 1,806 meters. (The cable car ride is included in the Salzburg-Card!). On a clear day, visitors have an unforgettable 360° view of the Rosittental valley as far as the Salzkammergut Lake District, as well as views of the Hohen Tauern, Tennen and Hagengebirge mountain ranges.

The highest point on the Austrian side of the mountain is the Salzburger Hochthron (1,853 meters). The Untersberg, with its many ancient legends and mysterious powers of rejuvenation, offers several interesting hiking routes, tours for climbers and guided visits through the ice caves.

Winter sport enthusiasts can ride the Untersberg cable car to its summit and enjoy ski tours of the plateau, snowshoe hiking and downhill skiing. After a 15-minute ride to the summit station, skiers can enjoy a 7.5-kilometer-long downhill trail that ends in Fürstenbrunn. From there, regularly scheduled buses (Number 35) bring you back to the valley cable car station.

The Jakobsweg Trail

A portion of what is perhaps the best known pilgrimage trail in Europe – the Jakobsweg – winds through Salzburg and its surrounding villages and countryside!

In these hectic times, pilgrimages are enjoying a sort of renaissance. Religious reasons are not the only motivation for undertaking a pilgrimage: many pilgrims today are in search of peace and personal renewal. The first village in the Flachgau region through which the Jakobsweg Trail passes is Eugendorf.

Hiking the Jakobsweg Trail

Hike past cloisters, churches and chapels. Rest along the way and contemplate. Admire the magnificence of nature. Meet interesting people. Start down the path of self-discovery. Maps can be found at….

St. Rupert Pilgrimage Trail

The ST. RUPERT PILGRIMAGE TRAIL connects us with a man, who like us, lived in a time of searching and religious upheaval.

After the confusion brought on by the Great Migration, only remnants of Roman culture and Christianity could be found in what we today know as Bavaria and the Salzburg region. Bishop Rupert, a nobleman by birth, felt himself called by Christ to become a pilgrim and to leave his homeland in order to spread the Gospel as the Apostles had done long before. At the request of the Duke of Worms, in the year 650 St. Rupert found the courage to embark on his pilgrimage and to experience a new life. Alone and at times with fellow pilgrims, he traveled far and wide in order to follow his calling.

The St. Rupert Pilgrimage Trail leads through Bavaria and Salzburg tracing the route of St. Rupert, known also as the “Salt Saint” and as the “Apostle of Bavaria”.

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